Monday, 15 September 2014

Third week in and all is well!

I seem to have been playing catch up since the start of term, despite being super prepared with all my resources and new ideas that I wanted to implement this year, so my regular blogging has slowed down a bit!

Right then, what to tell you...

I have introduced a team point system (as I have already mentioned), so from this, they can now ask for points:
Darf ich ... Punkte haben?
they can ask to do the points too:
Darf ich die Punkte zählen?
and they can state whether the allocation of points is fair:
Das ist (nicht) fair!

We have started the register routine too, so added to:
Ich bin hier
Nicht hier
they can also say:
Darf ich die Namensliste machen?
Darf ich die Zeit stoppen?
They ask to time the register which then leads to the next piece of language which my Year 7 class are starting to say:
Das war langsam
Das war schnell
In our school, pupils can wear jumpers or blazers and they can only remove them if they have permission, so here is another brilliant way of introducing some lovely language:
Darf ich meinen Blazer/Pulli ausziehen? 
A lot of phrases start with 'Darf ich'.  Similarly in my French classes: 'Est-ce que je peux ...'.  This is a great one to build on and is extremely useful to know.

Soon, I will be asking them to give their opinions on what they thought of the register.  For example:
Ich denke das war gut...
and building up to:
Ich denke das war gut, weil das schnell war
This will set them up for when we introduce 'weil' and it should make it easier for them to pick it up, having heard and used it before.

The mats are helping a little.  However, we are not yet at the stage where pupils are using them to talk to me spontaneously in German.  Little steps.

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