Thursday, 26 June 2014

Year 9 pupils teach Year 6 pupils in the TL!

Yesterday was great.  A day to feel really proud. This year we have run our own voluntary 'Language Leaders' course for Year 9 pupils, based on Rachel Hawkes' language leaders course, which you can find here.  Pupils have come once a week, at lunch time, with their lunch and have learnt how to set context, present language, drill language, set up pairwork - all in TL.  Our aim was to get them to help out in our annual Year 6 taster day.  26 Year 9 pupils successfully managed to teach 24 Year 6 pupils in French and German, all about clothes, colours and opinions and it all culminated in a French and German fashion show.  Throughout the day, our Year 9s taught language in chunks, in small groups.  They taught from their own plans that they had written and used activities that they had devised, based on ones they had learnt from us.  The pace was a little slow, but there was a languages teacher in the room to move them on, if needed.

The result - the Year 9s loved it, the Year 6s loved it and the languages teachers were nowhere near as worn out as they normally are after one of these extremely intense days.  The most impressive thing is, that they managed to deliver the lessons IN THE TARGET LANGUAGE!

If they can do it, all of us can!

Please get in touch if you want more info about how we went about it.  Thanks to Rachel Hawkes for inspiring us to do this in the first place.  Roll on next year!

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